Winx Club Characters

In 2004, the Italian animated series Winx Club debuted in television. Geared to entertain young children, it managed to catch the attention of thousands of young followers, including even young adults. The first season was followed by a second, then a third a fourth and there is a slated schedule for a fifth season for the series. Due to the success of this television series, it has generated the production of international franchise of clothing, toys, video games and even two feature films!

So, what is the story of the Winx Club and who are its main characters, which contributed a lot to the success of the series? The story focuses on the lives and adventures of six fairy friends Bloom, Musa, Stella, Tecna, Layla and Flora, who are the main characters of the story and the members of the Winx Club. Each of them has their own story to tell and together with their respective pixies and the Specialists who are also their love interests, they battle the dark side, epitomizes by the Trix and Lord Darkar. Most of the setting of the story is at the Magical Dimension and some on Earth. Winx Club follows the story of these six magical fairies as they unravel top secrets and uncover new makeovers and abilities, while battling the forces of darkness.


Winx Club is founded and organized by Bloom, a seemingly ordinary fairy girl from Earth who came upon Stella, a princess from Solaria, whom she rescued by battling monsters and ogres. It was during this unseemly rescue that Bloom discovered her latent magical powers. Stella persuaded Bloom to come to Alfea, the school for fairies at the Magical Dimension, to hone her magical abilities. Bloom decided to leave her parents on Earth and go to Alfea with Stella, where she organized the Winx Club, with her other newfound friends and roommates as members. In Alfea, she discovered that she is the fairy of the dragon flame and that she has a different birth parents and birth planet that the ones she came to know.

She originally came from planet Sparx, which the Trix’ ancestors destroyed. Bloom however escaped doom when her sister Daphne sent her to another dimension through a portal, to Earth. Bloom is the one of the most stalwart fairies in the Magical dimension yet very receptive and benevolent. She has a magical green and white sheep for a pet, Belle and a pixie named Lockette.  She’s the fiancée of Sky, a friend to pixie cat Ron, owner of a blue bunny named kiko and a horse named Peg. With a lustrous carroty hair and a slim frame, Bloom looks like any ordinary fabulous looking Earth girl without her wings.


Stella, the princess fairy from Solaria, whom Bloom rescued is the fairy of the sun and moon. This means, she derives her powers from both elements. She got her moon powers from her mother while her father is the source of her sun powers. Her parents however are divorced but Stella is still hoping that they would reconcile and get back together. A blond girl with the beauty of a goddess, Stella loves fashion and shopping with a passion. She’s a bit impulsive and is a very garrulous very feminine girl. She got in Alfea, ahead of the other Winx club members but was expelled during her first year. When she came back, she met Bloom and the rest of the winx.  Despite her seemingly happy go lucky nature, she loves her friends the most and is willing to do anything to save them from harm. However, she is closest to Bloom. Stella’s pixie is Amore, the pixie of love and she has a magical poodle pet, Ginger. She is the fiancée of Brandon, a Specialist.


Then there’s Flora, who hails from the planet Linphea and who is the fairy of nature hence she utilizes plants in fighting darkness and in her other usual activities. Needless to say, she likes to surround herself with a more natural environ thus you would find her room looking like a greenhouse than an actual room. Flora is highly intelligent and compassionate. She has a zest for life and nature unequalled amongst her peers. She believes that everyone should value and uphold nature in its truest form. She loves her friends and is very loyal to them. However, she has difficulty expressing her true feelings to them but still she is the epitome of calmness and coolness even during trying times. Her pixie is Chatta, the pixie of gossip and she owns a magical pink cat for a pet, Coco. With her flowing brown mane, Flora is truly a match for her handsome boyfriend, Helia. The newest member of the Winx Club, Layla, who had difficulty making friends when she first came to Alfea, first befriended Flora. At the outset, they did not get along well, however, when Layla helped Flora expressed her love for Helia, they became the best of friends.


Winx is not complete without the fairy of music, Musa. Hailing from the singing planet Melody, she loves to dance, sing and play musical instruments, especially the flute, her favorite. Her mother died when she was very young hence, she was left in the care of her dad, who might love her but had not really worked out how to raise a daughter all by his self. Understandably, Musa grew up tomboyish and she plays her very best music piece when she’s alone. Despite her aloof façade and pessimistic attitude, Musa developed into a loyal and caring friend. The tomboy of the group, she however displays her feminine side especially when she’s with her boyfriend, Riven. With pale, asian facial features, shiny black hair and blue eyes, Musa has a striking personality that is in exact opposite of her pixie’s character, Tune, who is the pixie of manners. They often get into each other’s nerves; nevertheless they remain attached to each other. Musa has a magical brown bear for a pet named Pepe.


Tecna is the genius in the group. The fairy of technology, she is very smart and loves all forms of gadgets and devices. Her pixie, Digit is the pixie of logic, which complements her very well. Her being logical somehow influenced her inability to express her emotions but with the prodding and support of her friends, she has learned to voice out her feelings pretty well. She has remained a stickler for perfection however and always speaks in a straightforward and technical manner. At times, she acts indifferent and very sensible yet she never fails to always uphold doing the right thing. She loves to play videogames and is also very athletic. She is always engage in sports when not tinkering with her latest devices. With her rather purplish-red short hair, Tecna presents herself as a very practical yet very pretty fairy. Timmy, her boyfriend does believe so. She has a magical yellow duck for a pet, which somehow belies her very rational personality.


Layla on the other hand is the last fairy who joined the group. She’s very close to pixies and had actually come to Alfea for help to save her pixie friends from Lord Darkar. With an African-American features, Layla exhibits a love for dancing and sports. She specifically loves to wind-ride being the fairy of the waves. Layla is also known to have the ability to transform Morphix, a pink fluid, into any form she wishes it to be. She is multi-lingual and is the one whom the other fairies come to for practical advices. Known as the athlete and fighter in the group, Layla is troubled with some nightmares, which her pixie Piff, the pixie of sweet dreams, helps her with. She owns a magical white rabbit for a pet, named Milly. Layla is a feminist and she is often heard clashing with Riven, a chauvinist. When she thought that her boyfriend Nabu had been killed after she he saved the warrior earth fairies, she left Alfea and joined the earth fairies to take revenge. After a time though, she came to back to Alfea.

The Winx club members are constantly plagued by the forces of darkness, The Trix (Icy, Darcy and Stormy), Lord Darkar and Valtor. The winx series actually follows the adventures of these fairies battling the minions of evil.

The fairies’ love interests are provided by the Specialists, who go to an all-boys school in the Magic Dimension, the Redfountain School. They are Sky, Brandon, Timmy, Helia, Riven and Nabu. The winx club is aided by their respective pixies Lockette, Amore, Tune, Piff, Chata and Digit.

The series is indeed very highly entertaining while its characters are entertaining as well from the first season up to the latest season shown. There will be more to come and if you have not yet watched the series, it is time to grab a copy and start viewing from the start, for endless entertainment and fun.